The Mistress

Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You may find this profile egotistical, you may find it offensive, you may find yourself envious or repelled by what is written in my little niche of the web. Trust me when I say that you would be better off drawing your conclusions from a distance.

I have always found my profile to be consistently changing. As you read the postings I plan on making in this blog you will glean a little inkling into the inner workings of my thoughts and mind. But if a general overview is what is desired then feel free to read below.

My name is Mistress Aemilia Hawk. I care not for how you address me as long as it is respectful and my title is included. I will not boast my skills and nor will I list them, if you really wish to know, you will get off your arse and make an effort to contact me. Alternatively, you now have my blog at your disposal to gain said knowledge.

Some claim I am the quintessential victorian Mistress. I enjoy my whips and floggers, I go very few places without my top hat and I expect a higher than normal standard of decorum when you are in my presence. Some call me witty, sarcastic, evil, even demonic, but I will deny any such rumors, complimentary or otherwise, as delusional ramblings of simple minds. Rumours are at best, simply that.

I am bisexual. Male and female make little difference to me, it is all flesh and feeling regardless of the pretty package.

I tend to keep my dark hair short, ruffled and generally gothic looking, I have triple sets of upper canines which often make some of the weaker heart a little nervous (I find being classed as vampiric a little offensive, if I were to be compared to anything fantastical or mythological you would be more accurate by saying demonic), I stand at a height of 5’6″ without heels, I have Dark Green/Hazel eyes, I am a slim size 10-12, I rarely need to shout (my voice is often considered hypnotic upon first hearing and people have commented this) and I carry myself with an abundance of confidence as is befitting my station.

I do plan on expanding this profile but for the moment, this should suffice. If you have any questions, enquire.

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