Accuracy providing.

No doubt I will fill my blog up with all sorts of short tips and stories based on my experiences. But recently I have been asked a question which seems to be one that crops up quite often (pun intended). It seems a good short to start off with.

Over the course of the past year there is a large number of people who have visited me and asked to see the dungeons facilities, as long as I am not busy or distracted I tend to allow menial requests such as this. I usher them inside and tend to stand beside the rack containing the collection of short whips and floggers, often taking to hand a 4ft quirt as idle fingers and palms do not become me. It rarely takes more than 5 minutes for the menial to ask:

“May I ask how good you are with that, Mistress?” While nervously gesturing towards the whip in my hand.

This is often the point where a grin spreads across my face.

Only once have I ever demonstrated. These days I tend to be less tolerant with people who only seem to show up to waste my time. Demonstrations can be seen by either attending a club or event that  I am also in attendance and where I may decide to put on a little show or in requesting an audience with tribute.

“Deathly accurate.” Is my usual response.

On the one day that I felt exceedingly generous when the question was asked, I simply looked towards one of the dungeons lit scented candles and with a short sharp flick of the wrist, making sure the quirt reached full 4ft extension, I extinguished the flame. The menial, now wide eyed after such a to-the-point display, decided to make some unbelievable excuses and depart as quickly as possible (Promising to return. Of course, they never do).

In summary: I do plan on getting a short movie/video recorded of my skill with the quirt in question. I also plan on getting some made of my skill with various other tools of the same genre. As they are created I will naturally post them here before anywhere else.

As for the question which seems to continually “crop up”: Do not ask it if you cannot handle the reply.

All images are Copyright © 2011 AemiliaHawk. All Rights Reserved.

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