Gentle linguistics.

Many people have commented that I have quite a gentle voice. This is true, it is incredibly deceptive. I never feel the need to shout when I give a command as my voice has a certain edge to it that demands attention. To quote someone who recently entered my realm for a short visit and chat: “I am fascinated by your personality, inspired by your philosophy and in awe of your beauty. The calm gentle voice is invariably wise…and when you speak, I listen.”


“Sit up!” I had said for the second time. His incessant willingness to slouch was testing my patience. He needed a lesson in obedience.

“Please Mistress, no marks.” he begged as I pulled out one of my favored dungeon toys.

“What you fail to realize is that I can cause you an intense amount of pain without leaving any mark of any kind.” I let my words sink in as I opened the black case I had pulled from the corner, revealing a decent sized violet wand along with its numerous attachments. “Are you familiar with human anatomy?”

“Sorry Mistress?”

“Sit up!” I said as I turned quickly and slammed a cane onto the floor in front of where he knelt. It made a deafening crack, causing him to jump backwards and stiffen his back to an almost military stance. “The next strike will not be hitting the floor. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress! Sorry Mistress!”

“Imbecile.” I stated as I flicked the cane back under my arm to where it had been resting previously. I stood there staring at him for a few moments to make sure he did not begin to slouch again before turning back towards the violet wand case. “You must be incredibly deluded if you believe my dungeon is full of apparatus that cannot fulfill my desires without leaving a mark.”

I pulled the small generator from its case along with the metal plate and chain attachment. After plugging the generator in to the walls electrical socket, I attached the chain and slid the metal plate into the top of my stocking. The generator hummed to life as I turned the voltage up and I could feel the electrical currents coursing through my body. It is a rather prickly but not unpleasant sensation. I made sure the voltage was up to its full power before turning to face the menial.

The sweat glistened his body and he was trembling, but he had held his militaristic kneel on the floor. His legs were wide and his hands were still securely bound behind his back with rope. I maneuvered myself into position behind him and leaned down, judging for that sensitive sweet spot which lays just between the scrotum and anus.

“Brace yourself.” I whispered into his ear as the pretty blue sparks began to fly from my fingertips.

All images are Copyright © 2011 AemiliaHawk. All Rights Reserved.

2 responses to “Gentle linguistics.

  1. That sounds exquisite Mistress. Humiliating and terrifying at the same time!

    How painful is the wand on that spot between the scrotum and the anus? Or is it more a case of being sensual and stimulating?

    • That tiny area of skin is incredibly sensitive. Gentle strokes with a soft brush or fingers can send intense waves of pleasure. The violet wand on full voltage, however, is incredibly painful and gives a feeling similar to being burned.

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