Why “Mistress”?

Yet another question asked on numerous occasion: Are you a Goddess?

The simple answer: Yes, in a way, but I tend use the title “Mistress”. There is a good reason for this and it is explained below.

Here is the definition of “Mistress” (1 and 4 being the main examples in my case):

Mistress: (plural Mistresses)

  1. a woman, specifically one with control, authority or ownership
    She was the mistress of the mansion, and owned the horses.
  2. a female teacher
    games mistress
  3. a female partner in an extramarital relationship, generally including sexual relations.
  4. a Dominatrix

Other titles include, but are not restricted to:

Goddess: A title that is incredibly apt for me and one which I rather like. However, I have noticed (especially on websites like Collarme.com) that it is a title used by the inexperienced or younglings. Granted, there are many very good or experienced Domme out there that use this title, but in my opinion, the majority are neither (judging by what I have seen to date). Most who use this title are around the age of 18 (barely past the age of consent) and while this is a good age for learning and exploring, it is hardly a category to include myself in. I like to consider this title as optional for those precious few who have read this post or taken note of my preferences. Do I like/wish to be worshiped as a Goddess? Of course I do! In fact I do have a small cult-like following. Substitute “Mistress” for “Goddess” if you think it appropriate, however, it is not mandatory.

Miss: This title reminds me of school days. Appropriate for a classroom scenario but not for everyday use and most definitely not as a substitution or abbreviation of Mistress.

Lady: A lovely title. Apt for a lot of people. However, after watching several episodes of “Little Britain”, I decided against using it.

Countess/Contessa: Titles of nobility, often hereditary or gifted by a monarch. It sounds pretty but I do not think it appropriate unless you actually own this title.

Princess/Queen: Same reasons as Countess. Though I will admit that it is rather cute to nickname your female submissive “princess” as a pet/slave name.

Madam: A “Madam” is the head Mistress of a household. A title earned/achieved and not really appropriate otherwise. With the exception of when visiting France or Steampunk/Victorian conventions and events.

And there we have the reasons why I use the title “Mistress”. For me it is the most appropriate.

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