Preventing “bounce”

After a very vanilla yet relaxing festive holiday, I find myself back in the dungeon doing the activities I know so well and enjoy so much.
One of my first activities of this new year was a decent dishing-out of corporal punishment (Caning).
Which in turn, of course, prompted thoughts on writing this first blog post of the new year.
In this post I am going to explain a few techniques that I have picked up over my years of activity.

Mistress Aemilia Hawk’s corporal punishment techniques – The 4 golden rules:

  1. Preventing “bounce”: I often get aspiring Domme visiting me in my dungeon for lessons in giving corporal punishment, whip use, electronics and numerous other BDSM activities. I tend to abuse the use of the house slave here at my dungeon to practice on as he is well versed in receiving all kinds of punishment to his backside. On every occasion, the first few strikes bounce harmlessly off of the rumps fatty tissue, without any real impact and without the menial really feeling anything at all. This is because they tend to hit with the centre to three quarters the length of the cane instead of using the tip. Any decent cane is flexible and the overlap simply bends and springs the cane harmlessly away. When striking, the cane should be at arms length and the far tip of the cane should not be past the far buttock cheek. When the strike hits, the cane should bend in the space between you and the menial, the tip staying in position over the far side and width of the buttocks, and the handle staying in position within your grasp. When done correctly, there should be no bounce and a nice arch of the menials back as the pain is felt. A scream or yell from the menial is a good sign you have achieved a perfect stroke.
  2. Aim for the sweet spot: in the case of corporal punishment, the sweet spot is located just above the crease/fold of skin which separates the rump from the hamstring or upper leg. A decent aim comes with plenty of practice. Always aim for this spot repeatedly. As your aim gets better you should be able to do increments of 6 strokes, all hitting roughly the same spot, which is essentially the desired effect. Each strike should be increasingly painful, hitting the same spot assures this and means you can keep your strokes steady, without straining your arm or needing to apply more pressure with each stroke.
  3. Hold fast: When each strike lands, hold it there for a couple of seconds and keep the pressure steady before removing cane from arse. This causes the impact to be felt by the menial a touch more. It allows time for the brain to register both the impact and full sensation of the activity.
  4. Tools of the trade: Every Mistress or Master will have a favourite material which their cane will be created from. Bamboo seems to be common and as technology advances I have seen some made from plastics and fibreglass. My personal preference lies in a smoked dragon wooden cane. Whichever material of choice, make sure it is strong but flexible. A bend to the cane is mandatory. Metals should be avoided.

In summary: Practice makes perfect, keep both aim and pressure steady, try not to break skin (usually, the aim is to bruise) and above all, have fun.

On a further note, just now mentioned by my house slave, car ariels should also be avoided.

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