“Every interaction is simple. Any Dominant/submissive relationship works in two directions. Both parties derive pleasure from having their fetishes and stations fulfilled. You derive pleasure from relinquishing control to a dominant female, I derive pleasure from the suffering of others.” I said as I warmed his rump with gentle smacks to get the blood flowing. “I will take control and you will have your desires quenched. However, in exchange, you will satisfy my desire by taking and accepting the pain. Do you understand?”

He paused hesitantly and was slightly shivering from nerves, he was still very new to everything despite the numerous talks I had given him on subjects of BDSM interest. Nothing compares to actual experience.

I stepped back to arms length and placed the tip of my cane gently on his behind.

“Yes Mistress.” He eventually answered.

“Do you remember the safe word?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And what is the safe word?”

“Champagne, Mistress.”

“Good boy.” I said as I raised the cane back to a rather relaxed medium length and paused for effect to see how well the words I had said were sinking in. He closed his eyes and tensed his body just as the whistle from the cane cutting through the air was heard.

It was a good hit. It landed on the sweet spot that I always aim for.

“Champagne! Mistress! Champagne!”

I sighed and gently shook my head as he grit his teeth and jittered on the spot from the sensation of the half strength impact.

“Very disappointing.”

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