The Swindon Friendly Munch, 18th January 2012

While my Dungeon is based in Bristol, my home is based in Swindon. After a chat with a friend of mine and a casual mentioning of the gathering in question, I decided to attend my local BDSM Munch.

For those who do not know what a BDSM Munch is, Wikipedia has an adequate description:

As I sat and read the event description on Fetlife, Three words almost levitated off the screen towards me: “Dress Code: Vanilla”

To this end, I decided to leave my top hat at home and put on a pair of black velvet trousers with a corseted and gothic-looking D-ring motif top. It was about as “vanilla” as I was going to get.

The tavern in question was warm and welcoming, The people attending the event were equally so. I had never been to a Munch before (The thought of a vanilla dress code and the inability to actively play had always put me off) but after this first experience of one, I think I will make visitations a regularity. I am glad I was convinced into attending and I would highly recommend such events to anyone thinking of going to one. You make new friends, sometimes meet current friends who you did not expect to be there (which can open doorways if you are looking for play partners), get to chat casually about your fetishes with like-minded people, hear about other up and coming events both locally and not so locally as well as getting to relax away from a dungeon environment.

Two thumbs up all in all.

My only regret is that I did not get some form of photographic memory of the event for this blog post.

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