Kabunza Craftwerks: Chainmail Collars and Cuffs

In many cases, a certain symbolism comes with presenting a menial with a permanent collar. Once again, I am going to direct to a Wikipedia link because I believe they present an adequate explanation of “Collaring” and the varying ceremonies or meanings involved: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collar_%28BDSM%29

Personally, I place a lot of emphasis in presenting a menial with a collar and I believe it is the responsibility of the Dominant to choose and provide the collar for their submissive(s). I tend to like a collar to be adaptable for both gentle as well as aggressive play and I prefer a collar to be wearable within vanilla society without making the menial too self conscious about the fact that they are owned or are involved in BDSM activities. Adaptability, durability, functionality, subtlety, comfort as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye is what I look for whenever appraising a potential collar for use.

Which brings me to the core subject of this post.

Kabunza Craftwerks:

A small arts and crafts shop based on Etsy.com which specialise in hand made BDSM items. Most notably, chainmail collars, cuffs and jewellery. With each product being meticulously hand crafted to order for each individuals requirements using solid brass and/or stainless steel rings of varying thickness. Items can be created from many variations of chain mail weaves (what you see in the shop for sale is simply the ones that are currently completed, if you have a specific chain mail weave in mind, simply state which by message). The business intends to expand to include metals such as copper and bronze in the very near future and also a hope to eventually begin attending BDSM markets and events.

If you are looking for a unique collar, leash or new set of cuffs, I would highly recommend placing thought into getting one created by Kabunza. Links to their profiles, blog and shop can be found among my links in the right hand column of this blog.

Adaptability: Stainless steel (to the best of my knowledge) does not rust easily and is easy to maintain. Once the collar goes on, in need not come off.

Durability: Exceedingly strong materials. The neck, wrists or ankles of the menial would get damaged before the collar or cuffs (make sure you play safe).

Functionality: They do exactly what they are designed to do.

Subtlety: Easily concealed under clothing for the extremely conscious and/or easily mistaken for normal jewelry.

Comfort: Because the item is a weave of small rings, the products are extremely flexible and extremely comfortable. They have a nice weight to them for that constant reminder they are being worn but without being heavy enough to impede on day to day activities.

Aesthetics: Visually pleasing when worn by either sex and the padlocks can be easily engraved with your own personal messages. Here are some examples of the creations. Click an image to open a larger view.

All images are Copyright © 2012 AemiliaHawk. All Rights Reserved.
Bottom photo used with the permission of the model.

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