The Swindon Friendly Munch, 15th February 2012

Once more, I strolled down to my local BDSM munch. This time wearing a pair of charcoal jeans and leather corset (just to break up the black a little).

Similar to the last munch: warm and welcoming environment, warm and welcoming attendees and extremely interesting conversation.

Dissimilar to the last munch: I was gifted with a licorice whip which I then proceeded to test for effectiveness on a volunteer submissive female (in the back corner of the tavern so as to not get banned from the establishment. The submissive in question knows who she is and as usual: no names will be mentioned on my blog. However, I would like to take this opportunity to send out a heartfelt “Good girl” for being so eager).

Here are my results from the 5 minutes of play before the whip snapped (resulting in half a licorice whip flying across the room).

Licorice whip positives:

1) It is black.

2) It is edible.

3) It is flexible and soft, which is excellent for extremely gentle play. The marks created in its use were very slight and disappeared after minutes. A brilliant toy for “just a bit of fun”.

Licorice whip negatives:

1) It is only palatable if you like the taste of licorice.

2) After 5 minutes of play it has a tendency to snap in half, causing the tip end of the whip to go flying backwards across the room and hopefully not hitting anyone on the back of the head in the process.

All in all it was a fun night. One I still highly recommend.

Regretfully, I forgot my damned camera again.

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