The taming of a wolf.

I entered the dungeon full of optimism. The smile on my face growing as I spotted her kneeling in the center of the room with her head bowed and arms raised above her head, her hands flat and displaying a very cute silver chain dog collar.
I lifted the collar from her palms and inspected it briefly before closing it around her neck and tightening it to a relaxed setting. It was apparent that it had been fitted to her measurements. At its tightest point it sat comfortably. It was just loose enough to get two fingers underneath it, perfect for those moments when forced movement is needed and the leash is not attached. My preferred setting for a collar.
As I tightened the leather cuffs around her wrists, I could sense her excitement building. Euphoria mixed with trepidation. A delicious cocktail of feelings. Once the wrists were adorned, I gently ushered her towards the St Andrews cross and took my time securing her to it. Claws slight over soft skin, the front of my body pressing against her back and rump, a teasing tickle here and there to keep her on edge as the clips were closed and locked into place. Exceedingly playful and incredibly gentle. Sometimes gentle is more fun than aggressive. The key is getting that perfect mix.

Floggers to begin with. First choice being velvet suede. Several flicks and whirrs through the air to warm up before landing that softly given first blow.
And then I heard it. A little yelp of excited pleasure as the first blow struck followed swiftly by a growling purr. My girl for the evening: puppy play enthusiast and wolf at heart.

So, how does one subdue a wolf?

You give her a scritch, of course.

Photos of this day will be posted to my blog gallery and my fetlife profile soon.

All images are Copyright © 2012 AemiliaHawk. All Rights Reserved.

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