Musings of devotion: Spandwiser 29/10/06

I do enjoy poetry. Especially ones written with me in mind.

This is an older poem written for me by a menial which I have not heard from in quite a few years. Nevertheless, I bumped into it while looking through old files and decided to share.

She smiled.
And her eyes were smoldering coals –
“you think you know of life,
of all it’s pleasured pathways
and many unplumbed depths?”
And the leather of her body
laughed it’s ebony mockery in the starlight
“Come –
and LIVE –
in a world where pain and pleasure rule,
whose music is the wild lash song,
repose: the rack’s embrace.”
And she stroked me, red lips gleaming,
leather of her fingers soft upon my flesh
“Come –
where I am all your dreams”
Pleasuress, tyrant queen.
And she took the leash and whip
and drew me thither.

Spandwiser – 29th October 2006

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