The wink.

The club was dimly lit and pumping with music. Just the way I like it.
As I walked into the main social area I stopped just inside the entrance to take a look around and take in the atmosphere. As usual, heads turned in my direction. Nothing new. The mundane always seem to take more note of those who refuse to conform to what the masses perceive as normality and those who could be classed as “alternative”. Basically, those who are more interesting.
A slightly crooked smirk formed on my lips at the curiosity and awe on some of their faces. The vanilla can be very amusing at times.
And then I saw her. Sitting in the corner just inside the entrance. The look on her face: still one of curiosity, but an excited, smiling, sultry curiosity that beckoned attention. A curiosity that stated “That woman looks quite kinky, I want to know more.” rather than just “Wow! She has sharp teeth and claws!”
Then she winked at me.
With a raised eyebrow and my smirk turning into a smile, I winked back.

As methods of communication go, a wink is incredibly versatile. You can say a lot in a wink.
For example: The wink from the girl stated:
“Greetings Mistress of the night, Lady of pain, Queen of evil, Angel of the abyss and Goddess of darkness.”
Whereas my wink stated:
“You would look great in my rope.”

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