Dual flogging – A demonstration.

Due to the encouraging feedback from my ‘Gentle flogging – A demonstration’ blog post videos and my recent purchase of a set of dual floggers at the DV8 fetish festival, I decided to abuse my house slave at the House DuCroix and practice on him in front of the video camera.

While I get frequent practice with single floggers, my dual flogger handling is a little rigid and rusty (The festival was my first play with dual floggers in about a year and a half). Nevertheless, I am publishing this video in a hope that it may inspire other Dominants to pick up a pair and play, but also so that I can look back on this and see any improvements in my technique through future videos that I decide to do.

Now that I have a dual set, I plan on practicing frequently.


These videos have been published with the consent of the recipient receiving my floggers.

7 responses to “Dual flogging – A demonstration.

    • I think I am terribly out of practice. One of my wrists is a lot stronger than the other due to so much use with only a single flogger.
      So, I get a kind of lopsided effect half the time and tend to be off balance. *smiles*

      • Of course, in the video I can’t see the actual impact of the floggers but it sure looks impressive…
        My left wrist is terribly stiff although I am ambidexter; Nr 7 made remarks about it…
        But I guess practice makes perfect 🙂

      • Practice once or twice a week is a must I think.
        But I do plan on making more videos of my practice, so hopefully the improvement will be seen in those 😉

        Nr 7?

      • I call my experiments by numbers. I am switch and so is he, so referring to him as a menial or servant would not be right all the time…
        I look forward to your videos!

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