A Velvet Thought – Mistresses Musings: FAQ

Every day I receive phone calls, emails and messages asking me countless questions that all have a single and very simple answer.



Q. How much does it cost to have a professional play session?
A. Read my blog:

Q. What kind of things do you get up to in your dungeon?
A. Read my blog:

Q. What is the minimum amount of time I can have for a play session?
A. Just read my blog:

Q. What kind of fetishes are you skilled in? Can you do…(insert selected fetish/kink here)
A. For crying out loud! Read my blog!:

Q. Can you teach me how to…(insert selected skill here)
A. Read. My. Blog:

Q. What do you look like? Could I have a description of you?
A. How did you even manage to get my phone number or email if you had not visited my website or one of my numerous online profiles? All of which have galleries, just like here, ON MY BLOG!:

Q. What do you mean when you call people ‘mundane’?
A. Mundane, in my case, often refers to the vanilla or boring. However, I am considering expanding it to include people who do not read my blog:

Q. Do you have a webcam? / Do you do online domination?
A. What is it that is not being understood?:

Q. Are you looking for a full time submissive?
A. Take your pick of blog posts:

Q. When and where is your next public event?


This blog post is, of course, completely superfluous as it will probably not be read by any of the ignoramuses who continue to ask these kinds of questions.

People need to make at least a little effort.

One response to “A Velvet Thought – Mistresses Musings: FAQ

  1. I know that submissives shouldn’t laugh at Doms or Dommes in despair, but I had to giggle when I read this Blog.

    Poor you, Ma’am; it is SO frustrating when people don’t listen/read/take in what is laid on a plate before them and then ignored. Even bottoms can scream at the moon as much as you have done – I go (quietly!) berserk when I am asked questions which can be found with 2 minutes reading of my Blog or elsewhere.

    Just as an example, on my FetLife Profile, it says
    “I have always taken my status as submissive extremely seriously. In consequence I always seek my Dominant’s permission before making friends. To date this is normally granted to female slaves and submissives without problem.
    However he will not approve of my becoming friends with other Dominants/Dommes/Masters/switches and all Males who he does not know personally.”

    Yet everyday I get at least one (sometimes far more) so-called Doms asking to become friends with me. Duh!!

    I used to politely write back explaining why I could not become their friend. Now, I am afraid, I just ignore them……………………..

    With genuine sympathy

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