Flogging workshop and first-time Kabunza trade stand at the BBB

Whenever I am asked to host a workshop, give tuition or give a demonstration, I always leap at the chance. It is incredibly rewarding and I truly believe that one of the best things anyone with a well practiced skill can do for the BDSM community is to pass on their knowledge to willing students safely. There are a lot of people out there who are reckless (even dangerous) but teach their activities anyway, (often simply to stroke their own egos) despite how unsafe it may be. It can sometimes be very confusing or even scary enough to put people off trying or learning new things. My recommendation to anyone taking advice from anyone on any BDSM activity is to do a little research into the competence of the person(s) giving out their information and also briefly on the subject matter in question (be it flogging, whips, shibari or any BDSM skill) using that magical tool: The internet. Trust me, for the safety of both yourself and those you play with, it never hurts to do a little research and anyone with real knowledge or skill will be apparent from the tat.

I tend to be very hands-on and interactive in my workshops; I like people to ask questions, I like people to talk to me about their own experiences so that I can explain or perhaps even learn something new myself (nobody ever stops learning) and I always try to get people out of their seats to physically practice anything I am trying to teach. Actual practice of any skill makes perfect and I think being able to actively talk people through and demonstrate safely as they are attempting new skills tends to alleviate a very large portion of simple first-time learning hiccups.

Having said that; I am happy to say that the flogging workshop at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar received some wonderful feedback and comments. It seemed as though everyone had a wonderful time and I cannot express how rewarding it is to watch people putting their new-found teachings into practice over the course of an event (having a room full of flying florantining floggers can be an incredibly fun thing to watch).

Even the lovely Mistress Victoria from Uberkinky (who was a pleasure to finally meet face to face) wrote a sparkling review of the experience, which you can read on her website blog: Here.

In response to the many people who have asked me to do some Youtube videos and tutorials: I do hope to get some made eventually, but it is finding someone who would be willing to film me and has decent enough equipment and software to do so. It will be done, it is just a question of time and expense (anyone wishing to participate in this kind of project, please feel free to contact me).

And to answer the question that so many people directed at me about my collection of floggers at the workshop: The straight handled floggers were from Jack’s Floggers, The ball handled floggers were from Jack’s floggers and Edgeplay and the majority of the floggers that you saw that evening (the poi floggers) were from our very own Kabunza Craftwerks (we do accept custom orders if you would like a personalised set made).

As well as the workshop, it was also Kabunza‘s first ever trade stand at the BBB. We received some wonderful feedback on our products and many people walked home with shiny new Kabunza collars, jewellery and floggers. We are gleefully looking forward to any possibilities of trading there again. The atmosphere and people at this event are simply awesome.

To sum up this post, I would just like to send out a few thankyou’s :

  • To the BBB market and after party organizers for offering us the opportunity to have our Kabunza trade stand represented at their event, for the ample support they gave us, for allowing me the honour of hosting a workshop for them and for their very encouraging and complimentary words throughout.
  • To everyone who made a purchase at the Kabunza trade stand. We know from all your lovely comments and appreciation photos that our hard work is going to good homes. We hope you get as much joy from them through their use and wear as we have had in creating them.
  • To everyone who attended the workshop. I hope everyone had fun (I know many did from the comments that I have received on Facebook and Fetlife but I never tire from hearing your thoughts and I am sure the readers of my blog would love to hear your comments if anyone would like to post any below).
  • To my ever diligent partner for pouring her blood, sweat and tears (three of my favourite things to squeeze out of her) into customising and altering almost every purchased Kabunza item at the event. She really worked hard.
  • To my Benjamin. Who, without him, none of the above would of happened and who embraced everything that I inflicted upon him at the workshop (and afterwards) with a delicious smile. As I have always said; “It takes two to play”, and in that respect I am always greatly appreciative of him and feel incredibly lucky to have him as my own.

7 responses to “Flogging workshop and first-time Kabunza trade stand at the BBB

  1. Dear Aemilia,

    Considering I have been a BDSM Master for over thirty years and enjoy all forms of impact play, I have to admit that I have never mastered Florentine flogging.

    When I knew you were lecturing on Sunday, I selected the best seat in the house with My slave scarlett sitting at My feet.

    I enjoyed your enthusiastic demonstrations with the charming Benjamin and, as I told you on the night, thought your style was balletic, elegant and simply a joy to watch.

    When you asked for volunteers I was the first one up but, try as I might, even your excellent teaching couldn’t get a decent result. It was certainly not your fault and I went away determined to master it.

    I am practising as We speak to the horror of My cats and while I shall never have your grace and beauty, next time We meet I am determined to show you something verging on good. 🙂

    In conclusion, the session was superb and lasted throughout the evening,

    I was very impressed indeed.

    Warmest regards
    Master James

    • Everything takes time. Given your wonderfully insatiable desire, I have no doubt that you will grasp it in no time.
      I currently have images in my head of cats being florantined by the grip of their tails. 😉

      It was an incredible pleasure meeting you and I am hoping we do again very soon.

      Until then, happy flogging! 😉

      • > I currently have images in my head of cats being florantined by the grip of their tails.

        Ha! Hilarious!

        > It was an incredible pleasure meeting you and I am hoping we do again very soon

        Thank you Aemilia and please send My regards and respect to benjamin. 🙂

  2. i found the workshop relaxed and very helpful..ive been florentining for a while but had no idea about the difference between 4 point and 6 point but now i do!,i thoroughly enjoyed it even though i still at the moment have to start off with my momentum method as opposed to the method you explained very clearly,i would recommend anyone wanting proper lessons in florentining to speak to you!
    Ariandom (Kevin)

    • Part of what makes a workshop so fun for me is sharing experiences. I will definitely be remembering your technique. It was a very interesting variation of how to start off into a rhythmic florantine. 😉

  3. S bought a set of your “day wear” jewellery for me on Sunday, and I’ve not taken off the collar since. It’s beautiful, easy to wear, a constant reminder of S, can be work with my play collar as well, and something that I can wear everyday ‘under the radar’ of my friends, family and colleagues.

    I wish we’d stayed for the workshop now as I’m sure we would have learnt a lot technique-wise, but we’re both new to the scene and coming to the BBB was a big first step for us!

    Many thanks for making us newbies feel very welcome and for the tip for S on how to tantalise me with the flogger too.

    Apologies too from S, as he said he couldn’t help but stare at your teeth, especially when you said you didn’t bite – I got told off for not letting him know 😉


    • It is always gratifying to hear when someone is enjoying their new Kabunza Item. I hope it brings you decades of joy.

      Oh, and I do bite. I just think it is a hilarious thing to say when you have teeth like mine. 😉

      Welcome to the wonderful world of BDSM! Please please please feel free to approach me and have a longer chin wag if we both end up at a same event in the future 😉

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