A Velvet Thought – Mistresses Musings: Blue Skies

As some of my readers will know, I have been lessening my availability for professional domination sessioning.

There have been a lot of reasons for this, but the final proverbial nail is now being hammered into the coffin and I am ending this half-hearted profession in order to concentrate on my own blossoming business: Kabunza.

To be honest, I have grown very tired of the profession and my opinion of it has degraded substantially over the past three years of doing it (I no longer have the time to waste on timewasters).

I will now be devoting my attentions (and my blog writings) to what I consider more deserving; my personal lifestyle and passions of BDSM. however let it be known that I have no regrets. I have learned a lot in doing this kind of work, I have nothing but respect for those who enjoy it and I have even met a handful of decent people in the process of doing it myself.

It has been swell, but the swellings gone down…

Nothing but blue skies from now on.

6 responses to “A Velvet Thought – Mistresses Musings: Blue Skies

  1. Mistress Aemilia, sorry to here this, we only sessioned a couple of times. Once for three hours and then there was that full day in your company. I wish you well in your new endeavours and just to say I did enjoy those few times in your company.

    • You will always be welcome to say hello should you ever attend the same event as me, Stuart.
      I am in no way giving up my BDSM lifestyle. Only pro-domming.

      I see it as concentrating on my own passions, instead of catering to the passions of others.


  2. Very best wishes Mistress. I also only had 2 sessions with you due to logistical difficulties on my part, but really enjoyed them and hope your plans work out. Thank you.

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