Lately I have been in deep thought and reflection of this past year. It has been a very difficult one to say the least and I am not going to bore anyone with it.

Truth be told, what I am writing here may seem like common sense when you think about it. But it really does not matter what you believe. In the end, you will read this and probably forget it as soon as something more interesting catches your eye. It is just how people are and how people always will be. With everything.

The only reason I am writing this is because I cannot sleep and I am trying to burn time.


Time… “Flies like an arrow”

Everything is finite. Every grain of sand that falls through the neck of the hourglass is a grain that can never be taken back. We all take time for granted until we run out of it.

It is the greatest gift. Nothing is more valuable. I loath people who waste it. But even worse are those people who waste the time of others.

It is forever changing. It fluctuates. It is relative. A single moment can last a lifetime or fly past at an unfathomable speed. I have seen that which has taken years to create destroyed in a second simply by a choice. But it can go both ways. A simple whim is also capable of developing things that can last and comfort for a prolonged period, even indefinitely.

Time… “Heals all wounds”

I do not agree. Serious damage never really heals. If you are consigned to a wheelchair for life, that is pretty much what it means.

Emotional wounds are the same. The mind, protecting its sanity, just covers them with scar tissue to lessen the pain. They are never truly gone. The best you can do is to try and avoid reopening them.

Time… “Is what we want the most and use the worst”

It grants experience and knowledge as it passes, but never wisdom.

And the older you get, the less you have.

I would recommend cherishing every moment as if it were your last and to not go wasting it, but nobody listens and everyone does. Including me. Every existence is full of regrets and “what if’s”. The aim is to limit those to a minimum and to try and fill life with as many precious moments and precious people as you can.

Time… “Flies like an arrow”
Time… “Does not heal all wounds”
Time… “Is what we want the most and use the worst”

Time… Ends.

If you blink you may miss it.

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