A Velvet Thought – Mistresses Musings: To kick or not to kick

I get asked, almost on a daily basis, to make some official tutorial videos on flogging and similar. While many admit the snippits of video that have managed to be taken at a couple of my workshops have been helpful, people have been screaming for more and in more detail.

In truth, the amount of knowledge I have rattling around in my brain on it all would be enough to fill a DVD.

And so it has been suggested that I might try doing just that. The main problem being, well, everything.

Video recording equipment, lighting, any other equipment, software or personnel that may be required, editing. Everything costs money, experience and time. Even something as small as a youtube video.

A friend of mine suggested that I should start a Kickstarter project to try and get funding for creating a DVD.

I would really like to know people’s opinion and if anyone would add to the backing of such a project.

Please leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts.

3 responses to “A Velvet Thought – Mistresses Musings: To kick or not to kick

  1. Since I am one of the many who have nagged you for more tutorials, it goes without saying that I would back this project! We have learned so much from the videos you have posted so far and know a full DVD would be an amazing contribution to the flogging community.

  2. It looks like we will indeed be kicking. A company has been chosen to work with us on this project (full details will be disclosed soon) and we are hoping to start filming the Kickstarter promotional video later this month. I have still to get set prices on a lot of costs, but hopefully I will have the final target and be able to get the Kickstarter going live by this time in April.

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