Where’s Mistress?

After 2 event cancellations this month (Including the event where Kabunza was meant to host a trade stand) and the addition of a request for hosting a workshop on flogging at another event, I have decided that it would be significantly easier to have a page here on my blog in which to list all the up-and-coming events, shows and venues which I plan on attending.

This way, I can update the page periodically instead of bombarding my blog with multiple posts on where and when people can meet up with me (and possibly request a play) in an environment outside the dungeons.

You can see the new events page by clicking on the link tab at the very top of my blog (just above the main title) or you can click: Here.

Alternatively, you can see most events that I plan to attend on my fetlife profile.

I do plan on updating the new page on a very regular basis. As soon as a new event is decided upon, it will be instantly added to my list through iPhone updating.

Ahh, the wonders of technology.

Nothing but truth.

In attendance to my local munch (Swindon’s friendly munch 18/07/12) I had stirred curiosity in a couple of the younger mundane locals. Casual conversation ensued with a visit to the taverns outside smoking area. As you do (or as most mundane smokers do, probably).

“You have until I finish my cigarette.” I said as I pulled out and lit a jet black slimline Djarum. “Whatever questions you have in mind, I promise you will receive nothing but truth.”

“May I ask some questions too?” The more vocal of the two queried.

“If you must.” I stated as I blew a plume of smoke in the direction of the quiet one. My eyes stayed on him regardless of who spoke for the duration of the conversation. The quiet ones usually end up being the more interesting.

“You are a Mistress?”
“Could I visit your dungeon?”
“What would happen if I did?”
“That would depend on my mood.”
“Would it hurt?”
“Then why would I want to visit?”
“You will know the answer to that question if you ever decide to visit.”
“Why are you being so mysterious?”
“Perhaps you are just asking the wrong questions.”

There was a short pause as both mundanes looked in thought as to what to ask next.

“Any question at all.” I restated as I gestured casually to the quiet one. My cigarette had roughly reached its halfway point and I gently waved it in front of his face for emphasis. “Your time is running out.”

“I am trying to think of how to word it.” The quiet one said as he shifted shyly on the spot.
“Usually the best way to word something is to simply say it.” I stated with an amused smirk.

The vocal one spoke again.

“Your teeth look very sharp”
“Not as sharp as my claws.” I stated as I held up my empty hand so that he could get a decent look. My eyes were still fixed on the silent one and the slightly amused smirk still played at the corner of my mouth.

“Are they real?”
“Yes, though coated with acrylic resin for strength so that they are functional.”
“Functional for what?”
“What do you think?” I stated as I glanced at the vocal one for the first time since the conversation had started. I raised an eyebrow and he smiled with an open mouth. It seemed as though he was attempting to think of a witty retort but one never came. Instead, he looked to the floor, still smiling. “Time is up.” I said as I glanced back to the quiet one and exhaled the last plume of clove scented smoke.

“Why should I trust you?” The quiet one suddenly said as I flicked my cigarette end into the closest ashtray.
“I offer a safe and legal environment, a gentle introduction and everything is consensual.” I said as I passed him my business card and made my way back towards the bar area.

I stopped in the entrance arch and glanced back to see him looking at the number on my card. “Good question.” I stated with a slightly crooked grin.

The Swindon Friendly Munch, 15th February 2012

Once more, I strolled down to my local BDSM munch. This time wearing a pair of charcoal jeans and leather corset (just to break up the black a little).

Similar to the last munch: warm and welcoming environment, warm and welcoming attendees and extremely interesting conversation.

Dissimilar to the last munch: I was gifted with a licorice whip which I then proceeded to test for effectiveness on a volunteer submissive female (in the back corner of the tavern so as to not get banned from the establishment. The submissive in question knows who she is and as usual: no names will be mentioned on my blog. However, I would like to take this opportunity to send out a heartfelt “Good girl” for being so eager).

Here are my results from the 5 minutes of play before the whip snapped (resulting in half a licorice whip flying across the room).

Licorice whip positives:

1) It is black.

2) It is edible.

3) It is flexible and soft, which is excellent for extremely gentle play. The marks created in its use were very slight and disappeared after minutes. A brilliant toy for “just a bit of fun”.

Licorice whip negatives:

1) It is only palatable if you like the taste of licorice.

2) After 5 minutes of play it has a tendency to snap in half, causing the tip end of the whip to go flying backwards across the room and hopefully not hitting anyone on the back of the head in the process.

All in all it was a fun night. One I still highly recommend.

Regretfully, I forgot my damned camera again.

The Swindon Friendly Munch, 18th January 2012

While my Dungeon is based in Bristol, my home is based in Swindon. After a chat with a friend of mine and a casual mentioning of the gathering in question, I decided to attend my local BDSM Munch.

For those who do not know what a BDSM Munch is, Wikipedia has an adequate description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munch_%28BDSM%29

As I sat and read the event description on Fetlife, Three words almost levitated off the screen towards me: “Dress Code: Vanilla”

To this end, I decided to leave my top hat at home and put on a pair of black velvet trousers with a corseted and gothic-looking D-ring motif top. It was about as “vanilla” as I was going to get.

The tavern in question was warm and welcoming, The people attending the event were equally so. I had never been to a Munch before (The thought of a vanilla dress code and the inability to actively play had always put me off) but after this first experience of one, I think I will make visitations a regularity. I am glad I was convinced into attending and I would highly recommend such events to anyone thinking of going to one. You make new friends, sometimes meet current friends who you did not expect to be there (which can open doorways if you are looking for play partners), get to chat casually about your fetishes with like-minded people, hear about other up and coming events both locally and not so locally as well as getting to relax away from a dungeon environment.

Two thumbs up all in all.

My only regret is that I did not get some form of photographic memory of the event for this blog post.