The Art of Flogging – Blooper reel #2

WARNING: This video contains cussing.

This video is a compilation of bloopers filmed during the making of The Art of Flogging with Aemilia Hawk DVD and includes only bloopers from the 6-point florentine scene.
These bloopers are not included in the DVD and we have put together this little extra reel just for fun.

Another huge thankyou to everyone who contributed to our DVD Kickstarter project.

You can purchase the original DVD here:

Featuring: Aemilia Hawk & Sandrine
Editor: Aerlise
Camera: Henry
Location: Spitfire photography studio, Swindon.
Toys by:

Festive Celebrations

December 25th is associated with the birth of many pagan gods, including Mithra, Horus, Zeus and Sol Invictus (to name a fraction). The Roman festival of Saturnalia would also end around this time.

Christianity adopted many of these Pagan myths and traditions into its own customs at around 400AD.

Today Christians express outrage that Christmas is losing its Christian roots. Which is ironic considering it was Christians that hijacked the holiday in the first place to make it easier to convert new followers.

Nevertheless, whatever you hold faith in (even if you hold faith in nothing), this time of year is a wonderful opportunity to share love with friends and family, commit acts of goodwill to those who are less fortunate (if you need a reason to do that in the first place) and it is a time for adults to find their inner child (or at least make merry at every chance to do so).

The “reason for the season” is actually the axial tilt! Regardless. Happy “Whatever doesn’t offend you” and may it be filled with debauchery like no other!


Festive Celebrations

I am going to get this out of the way now before I forget or lose interest in writing this. Seeing as today is the Winter Solstice, it is probably a decent enough time:

Merry Christmas, Merry Yuletide, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Hanukkah or happy/merry whatever festive celebration you all partake in at this time of year.

I guess it is as good an excuse as any to give or receive gifts.

And on that note: My Amazon wishlist is available.

Oh, and a Happy New Year/Hogmanay/Other.

And so it begins…


Despite my better judgement, I have decided to start a regular blog. It will be a place to share my thoughts, experiences and hopefully a useful tool to expand my social circle.

I am currently familiarising myself with the initial setup and will begin posting once I am comfortable with the basics.