Short Stories

This page contains links to all of the short stories or “shorts” which are posted throughout this blog.

All stories have been inspired by actual events.

All stories are copyrighted. Please do not copy them or their intellectual content without my permission.

Copyright © 2012-2013 AemiliaHawk. All Rights Reserved.

2 responses to “Short Stories

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  2. Aemilia,
    I have just read your short stories,
    My dear you should and i mean you realy should, write a novel,
    I enjoyed them immensely, more please.
    I have been reading some of Cherice Sinclair novels and you remind me of one of the heroins in one of them ( mistress Ann ) the book is called Servicing the Target.
    Its well worth a read, Anyway thank you so much,
    Your as ever, Mick

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