The House rules.

“Do you know the rules of this house?” I said as I leaned over his supplicated form.
“I must call you Mistress at all times” replied a quivering voice.
“that is a given, regardless of if it is written in the house rules” I retorted as I began to gently inspect the menials body. “What else.”
“I may not look Mistress in the eye.”
“Good. However, I do not care if you look me in the eye. I do not make myself up to look this good for you to simply keep your head lowered constantly. Flash me a defiant look and I will have your head. But other than that, look all you like.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you who!” I said as I gave a quick slap to the back of his head.
“Thank you Mistress! Thank you Mistress!” he said as he cowered with his head bowed.
“Continue with the House rules.” I said as I went back to the bodily inspection.
“I may not speak without your permission, Mistress.”
“Speak out of turn and you will soon feel my wrath. But, ask for permission every five seconds and you will feel it doubly so. What else?”
“I may not touch Mistress but she may touch me.” He said as he started to relax and enjoy the sensation of my touch.
“I tend to ignore little touches to the body part of your obsession. But be warned that if you take too many liberties, you will suffer. Continue.”
“I must always be respectful, Mistress.”
“That is a rule of life,” I said as I gave him another slap across the back of the head, “one to follow regardless of whether you are here or not! Now, what is the last rule?”
“Mistress?” he said as he cowered further into a ball.
“The final and most important rule! What is it?” I slapped the back of his head again, more for effect than anything else.
“Mistress! Please! I do not know the last rule!” At this point his body tightened in expectation of another slap, one which never came. Instead I grabbed his hair, pulled his head back and leaned in close to whisper.
“The most important rule and remember it well,” I whispered gently into his held-back ear, “is the fact that this Mistress adheres to no rules. In my presence, chaos reigns.”
He smiled and gave off a single but gentle laugh as I held his head in position by the hair. I grinned back and pushed his head forcefully forward.
“Simply use what little common sense you have. Now get your ass on the cross. I want some flogger practice.”