The wink.

The club was dimly lit and pumping with music. Just the way I like it.
As I walked into the main social area I stopped just inside the entrance to take a look around and take in the atmosphere. As usual, heads turned in my direction. Nothing new. The mundane always seem to take more note of those who refuse to conform to what the masses perceive as normality and those who could be classed as “alternative”. Basically, those who are more interesting.
A slightly crooked smirk formed on my lips at the curiosity and awe on some of their faces. The vanilla can be very amusing at times.
And then I saw her. Sitting in the corner just inside the entrance. The look on her face: still one of curiosity, but an excited, smiling, sultry curiosity that beckoned attention. A curiosity that stated “That woman looks quite kinky, I want to know more.” rather than just “Wow! She has sharp teeth and claws!”
Then she winked at me.
With a raised eyebrow and my smirk turning into a smile, I winked back.

As methods of communication go, a wink is incredibly versatile. You can say a lot in a wink.
For example: The wink from the girl stated:
“Greetings Mistress of the night, Lady of pain, Queen of evil, Angel of the abyss and Goddess of darkness.”
Whereas my wink stated:
“You would look great in my rope.”

Musings of devotion: Spandwiser 29/10/06

I do enjoy poetry. Especially ones written with me in mind.

This is an older poem written for me by a menial which I have not heard from in quite a few years. Nevertheless, I bumped into it while looking through old files and decided to share.

She smiled.
And her eyes were smoldering coals –
“you think you know of life,
of all it’s pleasured pathways
and many unplumbed depths?”
And the leather of her body
laughed it’s ebony mockery in the starlight
“Come –
and LIVE –
in a world where pain and pleasure rule,
whose music is the wild lash song,
repose: the rack’s embrace.”
And she stroked me, red lips gleaming,
leather of her fingers soft upon my flesh
“Come –
where I am all your dreams”
Pleasuress, tyrant queen.
And she took the leash and whip
and drew me thither.

Spandwiser – 29th October 2006

If I wish.

“There is no good without evil.” I said as I sat on my throne, leaning forward over his knelt position at my feet. “No love without hate. No peace without war. No innocence without lust. Every Goddess is attributed something so that mortals can make better sense of the things that they can never truly understand.”

“Yes Goddess.” He said with widened eyes. He seemed in awe at simply having the privilege of kneeling in front of me. I had his undivided attention. This pleased me.

“And what do you think mundanes have attributed to me?” I said as I ran a clawed finger gently over his cheek.

“Beauty, Goddess?”

My gentle caress turned swiftly into a backhanded strike. He yelped and cowered, almost laying completely on the floor in supplication.

“Suffering, Pain and Corruption,” I growled, baring my sharpened teeth and leaning closer. “Do you think Beauty would have such a sadistic nature?” I paused and stared at him a few moments before leaning back into my throne and forcefully relaxing my posture. “I am Darkness.”

He crawled towards me and cautiously lifted himself from the floor to place an incredibly gentle kiss on my knee. “I am sorry Great One, I beg forgiveness.”

I leaned forward sharply and grabbed the D-ring of his leather collar, pulling his face to within a few inches of my own. “If I wish, I am strong enough to rip you from this world.”

His eyes widened. “Yes, Goddess.”

“If I wish, I could drag you in to the deepest, darkest, perverted recesses of my mind where I would torture and humiliate you for all eternity.”

His eyebrows clenched into a worried position. “Yes, Goddess.” The scent of fear was oozing from every pore in his body, wafting my senses and igniting an endorphin rush.

“And when I wish it, you would beg for more.” I said in sultry tones as I began to salivate at the decadent thoughts which were pulsing through my mind like a lighthouse on steroids.

His eyes glazed with tear, his attention set firmly on my words. “Yes, Goddess.”

“If I wish, I could still the beating of the heart in your breast and the breath in your body. Simply by wishing it.” I continued as I pulled him further forward by the collar. His eyes transfixed on mine and so close he held his breath.

Silence fell for the few moments I held him there. Solid in fear and supplication. Breath held, body tense, eyes transfixed.

And then I released him and pushed him forcefully to the floor before returning to my relaxed posture on the throne.

“If.. I.. wish.”

A second musing of devotion.

Love in misery could not be sweeter
To pay the price of High Romance
And bow before the Lady sadist
Whose lust for power must be sated
Beauty’s dues are secret service
Minions has She to ease the Way
A throng to pull Her victor’s Chariot
Over the rough road of toil and moil
The divine spark in Her illuminates the cave
The erotic grotto hung with implements
And there the throne and altar glitter
Amidst the chains that Beauty forges
Tis sacred so to serve a Lady
To suffer so for Beauty’s sake
To bear the burdens and the weights
No true Lady should dain to bear
And mind to give as well as body
That She as Goddess may tread the grape
And joy to drink from the golden cup
Brimming with the red rich bubbles
Of untrammelled feminine authority

Servingboi – 26th March 2012