If I wish.

“There is no good without evil.” I said as I sat on my throne, leaning forward over his knelt position at my feet. “No love without hate. No peace without war. No innocence without lust. Every Goddess is attributed something so that mortals can make better sense of the things that they can never truly understand.”

“Yes Goddess.” He said with widened eyes. He seemed in awe at simply having the privilege of kneeling in front of me. I had his undivided attention. This pleased me.

“And what do you think mundanes have attributed to me?” I said as I ran a clawed finger gently over his cheek.

“Beauty, Goddess?”

My gentle caress turned swiftly into a backhanded strike. He yelped and cowered, almost laying completely on the floor in supplication.

“Suffering, Pain and Corruption,” I growled, baring my sharpened teeth and leaning closer. “Do you think Beauty would have such a sadistic nature?” I paused and stared at him a few moments before leaning back into my throne and forcefully relaxing my posture. “I am Darkness.”

He crawled towards me and cautiously lifted himself from the floor to place an incredibly gentle kiss on my knee. “I am sorry Great One, I beg forgiveness.”

I leaned forward sharply and grabbed the D-ring of his leather collar, pulling his face to within a few inches of my own. “If I wish, I am strong enough to rip you from this world.”

His eyes widened. “Yes, Goddess.”

“If I wish, I could drag you in to the deepest, darkest, perverted recesses of my mind where I would torture and humiliate you for all eternity.”

His eyebrows clenched into a worried position. “Yes, Goddess.” The scent of fear was oozing from every pore in his body, wafting my senses and igniting an endorphin rush.

“And when I wish it, you would beg for more.” I said in sultry tones as I began to salivate at the decadent thoughts which were pulsing through my mind like a lighthouse on steroids.

His eyes glazed with tear, his attention set firmly on my words. “Yes, Goddess.”

“If I wish, I could still the beating of the heart in your breast and the breath in your body. Simply by wishing it.” I continued as I pulled him further forward by the collar. His eyes transfixed on mine and so close he held his breath.

Silence fell for the few moments I held him there. Solid in fear and supplication. Breath held, body tense, eyes transfixed.

And then I released him and pushed him forcefully to the floor before returning to my relaxed posture on the throne.

“If.. I.. wish.”

Quotations: 2011

Last month a menial suggested that I should start ‘tweeting’ things that I have actually said (quotes) on to my Twitter account. It seemed like a rather fun idea and every time something has been said (that has brought amusement as a result or has been adequately witty) which is suitably small enough to fit into a ‘tweet’, I tend to post it. I will admit (reluctantly) that some things which tend to pop from my mouth can be incredibly entertaining and without prior planning on my part. To this end I have decided to comprise favorite quotations of the past year (including the ones that I have not been able to ‘tweet’) into a single blog post purely for fun.

As usual, no names will be mentioned and people will be referred to in an anonymous fashion or title. Of course, you will all know who you are from being present when I had said the quote in question. Try also to bear in mind that almost all of these quotes have been said in the heat of the moment and are not meant to offend any readers of my blog.



Pedestrian: “Excuse me, but what gives you the right to be so bossy?”
Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “Here, have one of my business cards.”

Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “I asked and she said ‘mmmmnnggghh’. I have no idea what that meant, but I am sure it was complimentary. It may have had something to do with the ball gag.”

Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “There is no problem that cannot be resolved through the strategic application of suffering.”

Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “Mental note: When the inkwell runs dry, stabbing menials with the quill is an adequate short-term substitute.”

Menial: “I don’t think this is such a good idea, Mistress”
Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “While I admit that you may have many excellent qualities, do not delude yourself into believing that ‘thought’ is one of them.”

Menial: “I am going to hell, aren’t I?”
Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “I can think of worse places to spend eternity. Glasgow, for instance.”

Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “People who think they are clever greatly annoy those of us that are.”

Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “You could say I suffer from an incredibly low self esteem. Fortunately, being a Mistress, I consider everyone else as beneath me.”

Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “Many people have commented that I have quite a gentle voice. This is true, it is incredibly deceptive.”

Menial: “Winter hunting, Mistress?”
Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “With tooth and claw, constantly. Though a bird is already caught for my festive holiday feast. I believe you both have met.”

Pedestrian: “Excuse me, are your teeth real?”
Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “Excuse me, are you wearing a toupee?”

Mistress: “Ohh! I have one just like that!”
Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “The flogger or the animal?”

Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “I did something wonderful today: I gave blood.”
Menial: “I know you do not like this word, Mistress. But that was a very ‘nice’ thing for you to do.”
Mistress Aemilia Hawk: “I never said it was my blood.”