Musings of devotion: Servingboi 14/06/13

Are they broken thus who love You best

Harried by You into minionhood

Hurts that You bestow upon the besotted wretch

That You might fasten lasting bonds

To fasten tight the balls and cock 

You confiscate the will of men You kiss

Would it were Your lips that kissed

But by boot and hair in Your fist

Is Your fury and rule distilled

That You as Kali’s daughter know power

And dance upon the world 

As on my back Your peerless Beauty rides

The slave labours to build Your altar.

Kinbaku and Shibari: Private tuition with Esinem and Nina Russ – 14/10/12

From the 12th October -14th October, Benjamin and I spent the weekend in London under the tuition of the Shibari and Kinbaku professionals : Esinem and Nina Russ.

Rope play has always been an interest of mine (unfortunately, having claws can make it difficult to master effectively; ergo, I have never done advanced courses), but when Benjamin was introduced to images and movies of it, he fell in love with the artform and expressed a huge desire to learn it. I, in turn, have nurtured this desire (as well as offering to be his practice model) and after several months of play, practice and research, higher learning for him was inevitably required.

When it comes to any form of bondage, especially rope bondage, safety and knowledge is paramount. I highly recommend that it is not attempted without at least being taught the basics, either by research using the internet or books, or by attaining the services of an experienced teacher. There are many aspects to take note of during this kind of play; including asphyxiation and nerve damage. Do not be an idiot; Play safely.

To this end we contacted Esinem for his offer on residential private tuition and made plans to visit him at his home and studio in London for an intensive training course to further our learning.

After copious hours of practice and training with both Esinem and Nina Russ (living and breathing rope bondage for three days), I personally have developed a great respect for the rope bondage models that you see in all the images across the internet. I make it a personal rule to experience anything that I intend to put anyone else through (this is true for all forms of BDSM play that I practice). This kind of bondage can be incredibly painful (especially rope suspension). For me, the weekend was a significant learning experience which tested my endurance and stamina to great lengths. For Benjamin; well, let us just say he has returned from the experience with a slightly frazzled brain from taking in so much information, sore fingers from extensive use of the rope and a significantly vaster knowledge of the artform (as well as his own set of Asanawa Tossa Lite 6mm Jute ropes, a birthday present from me and my partner).

We do plan on having further private tuition with Esinem and Nina in the near future, but we must first put what we have learned over this last weekend into frequent practice. This kind of skill takes a great amount of time and dedication.

Thanks to the wonderful Nina Russ, I also experienced full rope suspension. Another thing which I do not recommend unless in the hands of an experienced and well practiced individual. To quote Esinem’s website:

“As safety is a prime concern, please be aware that, like so many good things in life, there is always possibility of accidental injury. Rope suspension is undoubtedly edge play and should only be undertaken by those who are physically and mentally up to the challenge. Suspension is safe but not without risk, regardless of proficiency or experience, so is definitely RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) rather than entirely SSC (Safe Sane and Consensual). The more extreme suspensions require a high degree of fitness and often a reasonable pain threshold, so don’t imagine everyone can do what professional models make look easy!”

Luckily, I was physically and mentally adequate, however, as I mentioned earlier in this blog post, the whole weekend experience (full suspension, partial suspension and constant floor practice) has given me a profound respect for rope bondage models. It is definitely not easy.

Despite the aches and pains that I was suffering by the end of the weekend and despite the fact that I am not naturally submissive, I could not resist the chance to be tied up and partially suspended by the man himself.

Enjoy the photos.


All photography is unedited.

Photos courtesy of Esinem and Nina Russ.
Photography by Nina Russ.
All images are Copyright © 2012 AemiliaHawk. All Rights Reserved.

The House rules.

“Do you know the rules of this house?” I said as I leaned over his supplicated form.
“I must call you Mistress at all times” replied a quivering voice.
“that is a given, regardless of if it is written in the house rules” I retorted as I began to gently inspect the menials body. “What else.”
“I may not look Mistress in the eye.”
“Good. However, I do not care if you look me in the eye. I do not make myself up to look this good for you to simply keep your head lowered constantly. Flash me a defiant look and I will have your head. But other than that, look all you like.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you who!” I said as I gave a quick slap to the back of his head.
“Thank you Mistress! Thank you Mistress!” he said as he cowered with his head bowed.
“Continue with the House rules.” I said as I went back to the bodily inspection.
“I may not speak without your permission, Mistress.”
“Speak out of turn and you will soon feel my wrath. But, ask for permission every five seconds and you will feel it doubly so. What else?”
“I may not touch Mistress but she may touch me.” He said as he started to relax and enjoy the sensation of my touch.
“I tend to ignore little touches to the body part of your obsession. But be warned that if you take too many liberties, you will suffer. Continue.”
“I must always be respectful, Mistress.”
“That is a rule of life,” I said as I gave him another slap across the back of the head, “one to follow regardless of whether you are here or not! Now, what is the last rule?”
“Mistress?” he said as he cowered further into a ball.
“The final and most important rule! What is it?” I slapped the back of his head again, more for effect than anything else.
“Mistress! Please! I do not know the last rule!” At this point his body tightened in expectation of another slap, one which never came. Instead I grabbed his hair, pulled his head back and leaned in close to whisper.
“The most important rule and remember it well,” I whispered gently into his held-back ear, “is the fact that this Mistress adheres to no rules. In my presence, chaos reigns.”
He smiled and gave off a single but gentle laugh as I held his head in position by the hair. I grinned back and pushed his head forcefully forward.
“Simply use what little common sense you have. Now get your ass on the cross. I want some flogger practice.”