Aemilia Hawk – Who am I?

I have always found my profile to be consistently changing. As you read the postings I plan on making in my blog you will glean a little inkling into the inner workings of my thoughts and mind. Like most people, once you get to know me, you will find that I am far more diverse than my few simple paragraphs of written profile; But if a brief general overview is what is desired then feel free to read below.

To begin with, I must stress that you will probably find this profile a little egotistical. I am a lifestyle practitioner of BDSM and alternative arts. If you are easily offended, either by directness, sadism, masochism or alternative/extreme lifestyles, I would suggest that you stop reading now and run away to find something that might be more palatable to your delicate sensibilities; Otherwise, feel free to enjoy.

My name is Aemilia Hawk.Β You may have seen me on television, heard me on the radio, heard me in one of my voice acting projects (games mostly) or read one of my published articles; I have partaken in numerous media projects and I am always looking to do more. I have done workshops, performances and demonstrations of BDSM activities around the country (England, UK) and I am the owner, designer and creator of Kabunza Craftwerks.

Some claim I am the quintessential Steampunk/Dieselpunk Mistress, but I abandoned the necessity of using titles or labels quite some time ago. I honestly do not care how people address me as long as it is respectful. Respect given is respect earned. Some call me witty, sarcastic, evil, even demonic, but I will deny any such rumors, complimentary or otherwise, as delusional ramblings of simple minds. Rumors are at best, simply that.
Once you get past my aura, teeth, claws, demonic nature, unholy eating habits, general loathing of the mundane, and other small, often unnoticeable abominable characteristics’ I am actually not so bad.
I try my best to quell most of my instincts when in polite society and despite public opinion, I am always on my best behaviour. It is just unfortunate that my best behaviour is often considered quite anti-social towards the mundanes/vanillas.

I tend to be a very busy person. My reason for writing this blog is not only to advertise my business and upcoming events, to share information and have an outlet for my writing hobby, but also to limit the amount of random questions that I get on a daily basis. This blog is at the disposal of everyone in the hope that the random knowledge will answer the random questions.

I do plan on expanding this profile, but for the moment this should suffice. If you have any questions; feel free to post them below or enquire here.

Dungeon and Mistress profile

All images are Copyright Β© 2012 AemiliaHawk. All Rights Reserved.

15 responses to “Aemilia Hawk – Who am I?

    • The majority of my wardrobe is custom designed, fitted and made to my own specification. I am not a conventional shopper. It is incredibly rare that I find items “off the shelf” or in stores (I do have a few items, though they are very few).
      If you have seen a specific item of clothing that you like from one of my photographs, I can point you in the direction of the person/tailor who ended up making it for me.

  1. I am from India and having seen your amazing and wonderful personality, I think of you not as a mistress but my Goddess. I hope that I get the opportunity to meet you….Thanks for the wonderful blog…You are such a divine mind…*RESPECT*

    • I only manage to sit down at my WordPress reader about once a month; hence why there are so many likes in a single bout. *smiles*

      You flatter me. I would probably be one of the first to say that I have almost impossible standards and to “do what I say and not as I do” *laughs*

      Thankyou for your very kind words πŸ˜‰

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